HapMedia's technology and relationship have allowed us to reach millions targeted consumers monthly by joining our network. We offer traditional CPA, lead generation, email distribution and management, search and cross all opportunities. We offer superior one-on-one consulting services to develop and deliver results for our partners!
Pay for Performance, also referred to as Cost Per Acquisition advertising increases the chance online marketers will achieve a higher ROI. Pay for performance advertising allows advertisers to quickly achieve the success of their campaigns and adjust payouts accordingly to their expected ROI. Using this model allows marketers to pay publisher based on real performance.
The Internet has become a leading source for qualified leads for marketers. Marketers that have a useful method of quickly catching up with consumers to close qualified leads will achieve success with sales lead generation.
HapMedia has great relationships with many good Can Spam compliant email marketers and service providers.
We have in house search engine optimization experts that can assist you in optimizing your ROI online. HapMedia is partnered with all major search engines and portals.
Are you interested in improving incremental revenue from existing budget? HapMedia hosts cross sell solution that can be integrated easily into your sales processes to maximize revenue. By cross selling consumers on the back-end advertisers can achieve best ROI and save your marketing cost.
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